Meet Johnson Ikube


  • Nigerian
  • Deep feelings for collective humanity
  • A person of many thoughts but few WORKS and with very good ability to simplify complexity
  • Personal Integration & Self Mastery Coach


Work Experiences

  • Over 40 years post qualify multi industry, multi function, multi level experience in manufacturing, engineering construction, business and people performance consulting, banking and finance.


Corporate Relations

  • Group CEO – JI Holdings Ltd
  • Lead Consultant/JI Global Solutions Ltd. (Critical Capabilities Consulting)
  • Chairperson – FNL Managers Ltd (Research & Opinion Surveys)
  • Lead Presenter – GEEL Live Ltd (Global Integration Services)
  • Special Adviser – FNL Capital Ltd. (Financial Investment Services)


Special Interests

  • Realisation of global unity & PACE
  • Achievement of one world religion
  • Realisation of a One World Government
  • Institutionalisation of a global citizenship platform
  • Elevation of the aspirational advantage to the fore of human expression