Our world needs to rethink the fundamental approaches to global concerns of collective harmony, peace and progress. What is the best platform for global security, unity, and peace? Cooperation rather than competition at all levels is a faster route to its achievement. Competition consumes more resources with possible wastages and duplications than cooperation. Will all countries driving their national developments on the platform of international cooperation and global integration not lead us faster to national security and hence international and global peace? How do we make countries good, great or greater? How do we incorporate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disabilities into these mind-sets since virtually everyone has one or more of these disabilities?
In life, there are at least two sides to any issue. It is however better to find a meeting point of integration than sticking to one’s own side. For instance, is the white person who views issues more from the perspective of white interests more racist that the black person who views the same issues more from the perspective of black interests? Shouldn’t our basic humanity be more important than our sectional interests? Doesn’t everyone have strengths and challenges? Should we not overcome and let go of all forms of complexes be it colour, gender, nationalities, etc.? Why should artificial boundaries called Countries and blocks, turn our earth against itself? Who and What is world leadership after all?
The time to rework and fast track this rethink is now. In a fast emerging new world order we should be pursuing global Integration of thoughts, decisions and actions that support humanity’s desire and pursuit of a more evolved and developed human civilisation. I very strongly believe that cooperation rather than competition, friendship rather than seaming life time enmity between countries, interdependence rather than dependence, will move humanity faster towards its desired destination.
Dimensions of race (Blue, black, white, yellow, etc), gender (male, female, etc), location, religion or language are less than say 15% of what we really are. The other 85% of that which we really are (food, health, respiratory, digestive, reproductive systems, needs for sleep, food, exercise, etc), spirituality are common.
Competition increases the focus on the 15% while cooperation brings up the fore of our choices and actions the 85% . Let us choose and act wisely

By Johnson A. Ikube of Ikube Online Services